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Vinculum ~ a bond signifying union, connection, a bridge or a stepping stone
Vinculum Solutions Inc. - VSI - was founded in 1996 by a team of consultants and executives with strong Business, Systems,
and Managerial expertise to help bridge the gaps between the needs of business units and the development, testing, and
deployment of technology.  Bridging these gaps requires a focus on infrastructure, tools, and process, supplemented by in-depth,
client-specific business knowledge.
The VSI team uniquely combines IT infrastructure, life cycle process, development and integration testing, and specialized Tax
and Financial Systems subject matter expertise.
These skills enable our clients to implement architecture-driven enterprise solutions that measurably achieve key business objectives.
We engineer, develop and implement infrastructure improvements and targeted analytics and applications that strengthen development, testing, and systems
management activities.
VSI can deliver the complete configuration, customization and integration of your chosen technical and management infrastructures.
We support and employ advanced analytic techniques and tools as integrated in the SAS Fraud Framwork and unique methods to develop and implement proven applications and treatments that improve revenue results.  Our Compiance Improvement Applications deliver improved regulatory and code complilance and identify and remediate financial crimes.Successful IT organizations must build and maintain relationships with stakeholders, senior executives, key business partners, end users, vendors and other internal suppport organizations.  VSI helps create successful relationships using a proprietary approach based on leading-edge research and best practices in IT management.


Infrastructure Engineering

Systems Management

Tools-Based Development Support 

Development & Integration Testing Environments

Relationship Management

Advanced Analytics and Methods Attack Fraud

Hybrid Analytic Approach 
Interdiction Focused Methods Generate Treatments
Risked Based Modeling
Proven Applications Identify Non-Filers and Underreported Income
Filing and Payment Compliance Systems